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Taxjar Alternatives
TaxJar Alternatives: Finding the Right Tax Compliance Solution

Published on March 1, 2023, by SEO Friendly Content Creator.

Introduction to Sales Tax Compliance Software

As businesses grow and expand across various jurisdictions, understanding and fulfilling sales tax obligations become increasingly complex. TaxJar is well-known for its automated sales tax reporting and filing solutions. However, there are several alternatives to TaxJar that businesses in Austin, Texas, and beyond can consider to meet their unique tax compliance needs.

Taxjar Alternatives


A Glimpse at TaxJar

TaxJar boasts a robust set of features that cater to businesses seeking accurate and detailed sales tax reports. With capabilities that span local jurisdiction reporting for counties, cities, and special jurisdictions, TaxJar supports its clients with automated solutions designed to simplify tax compliance.

TaxJar Company Snapshot
Number of Customers Revenue HQ Location
Information Available Upon Request Annual, Quarterly, and Historic Data Available Austin, Texas, United States

Top TaxJar Alternatives

Choosing the right sales tax software is critical for compliance and efficiency. Below is a comprehensive list of top TaxJar alternatives, each with its features and offerings:

  • Avalara: Known for its suite of tax compliance products including sales tax calculation, VAT, excise, and other transactional taxes.
  • Vertex, Inc.: Offers tax technology solutions that automate end-to-end indirect tax processes and supports global tax compliance.
  • Intuit QuickBooks: Provides integrated financial management solutions with added sales tax tracking and reporting features.
  • EXEMPTAX: Ideal for managing tax exemption certificates and ensuring compliance with laws concerning tax-exempt sales.
  • Sovos Compliance: Focuses on tax compliance software and services to aid businesses in keeping up with regulatory changes.
  • TPS Unlimited, Inc.: Provides a broad set of tax and compliance solutions tailored to varying business needs.
  • And many more from service providers like Canopy, Bench, TaxCalc, and TurboTax Business.

Comparison Of Alternative Solutions

In evaluating the right solution for your business, it is important to consider the specific features, scalability, customer support, integration capabilities, and pricing. Here is a comparative overview:

More rows can be added as needed
Comparative Overview of TaxJar Alternatives
Software Key Features Pricing User Ratings
Avalara Automated tax calculations, filing, and remittance, cross-border tax compliance, exemption certificate management. Custom Pricing 4.5/5
Vertex, Inc. Scalable tax technology, integrated end-to-end indirect tax processes, global tax rules. Custom Pricing 4.2/5


While TaxJar is a reputable solution for many businesses, exploring alternatives can lead to finding a service that is more aligned with your company’s specific requirements and growth trajectory. We encourage businesses to perform due diligence in the form of trials, demos, and consultations to select the best tool for their sales tax compliance needs.


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