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Unetbootin Alternatives
Top UNetbootin Alternatives for Making Bootable USB Drives

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Creating a bootable USB drive is a common task for many computer users looking to install or try out a new operating system. UNetbootin has been a popular tool for this purpose, but there are several alternatives that offer different features and capabilities. This guide explores some of the best UNetbootin alternatives for Linux, Windows, and Mac users.

Rufus: The Popular Choice for Windows

When it comes to creating bootable USB drives on Windows, Rufus is often the first choice for many users. It’s a free, open-source application that allows users to create bootable USB drives quickly and supports a wide range of ISO files. One notable advantage of Rufus is its advanced features and options, which can be useful for experienced users.

Unetbootin Alternatives

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balenaEtcher: Simplicity meets Efficiency

balenaEtcher, simply known as Etcher, is another user-friendly alternative that works across different operating systems including Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows. It stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. One potential downside is that it may not have as many advanced features as Rufus, but it’s an excellent choice for those who prefer straightforward software.

YUMI – Your Universal Multiboot Installer

For users who need to create multiboot USB drives, YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a great option. Besides allowing you to store multiple ISO files on a single USB drive, YUMI also lets you keep files for use alongside your bootable distributions.

Comparing Alternatives

Software Platform Features User Interface
Rufus Windows Advanced features, fast performance Functional
Etcher Windows, Mac, Linux Easy to use, cross-platform Sleek, modern
YUMI Windows Multiboot capabilities Basic

Additional UNetbootin Alternatives

Beyond the tools mentioned above, here are other alternatives:

  • Universal USB Installer – Easy to use and supports a wide range of Linux distributions.
  • Fedora Media Writer – Recommended for Fedora users for a seamless experience.
  • WinToFlash – A flexible tool for transferring Windows installation from a CD or DVD to a USB drive.
  • SARDU – An Italian-made utility that allows for the creation of multiboot USB and CD/DVDs.
  • DiskMaker X – Specifically designed for Mac users to create a bootable USB drive to install macOS.
  • RMPrepUSB – A more complex tool with advanced features for creating bootable USB drives and testing them.


While UNetbootin has been a staple tool for creating bootable USB drives, the alternatives discussed provide a range of features that cater to different user needs. Whether you need advanced settings, multiboot options, or cross-platform compatibility, there’s a tool on this list for everyone.


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